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Turnigy Accucel 6 50w 6a

I don't want to "diss" this product as I can't even be certain mine isn't a knockoff although it feels very well built and looks legitimate but basically the purpose of this review is to let people know that no matter how smart you think your charger is don't leave them unattended and keep and eye on it. Since this I'm still using the charger and its been flawless since but I'm putting the battery in a steel box on my concrete floor in the garage - Previously I use to start a charge and leave the house and go to work!

The one thing that may have compounded the issue was I had started the charge using the Charge Master software over the usb port and the PC software crashed a wee way into the charger. Previously 1 in 3 times Chargemaster would crash but the Charger would finish its cycle as normal.

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